While understanding basic terminologies to how to program their robot, your child will have to tackle various hurdles on his way and challenges will encourage them to think uniquely, and effectively. While learning, your children will find new ways to potential solutions to issues they never thought they’d be able to answer. This will teach them to understand how our real world is built. While coding, they’ll understand not only how to code but also will help them to enable to reach better levels of happiness, satisfaction, and self-esteem 


A better understanding environment to teach how to code will offer your children content in the shape of missions and challenges. These missions with the help of games and challenges will assist them to apply skills they practiced in class into something practical and concrete, but it won’t end there. 


After following these skills and knowledge, they’ll see outcomes. And of course, Positive results!  


Mistakes are part of the learning journey! 


As we know, we grew up in a society where making mistakes wasn’t correct for many. Many of us must have felt a little embarrassed about talking in front of a class full of students or confidently raising our hands to answer the teacher’s question even if the answer was correct. Let’s be real you! That couldn’t be sadder. 

When learning to code, your children will have to make mistakes. That’s not a big thing, right? More than that! We want them to do, to learn things right. Besides learning what the correct way should be, they could even search for a different unique, alternative way that will also have the potential to solve the problem we are asking them to solve. Because there are many possibilities of solving 2+2=4, right? 

Making mistakes part of the learning process allows us to make children more comfortable and feel better, they will interact more, share their opinions, and jump ahead to answer. All of these advantages will help to build a healthier class and will, of course, raise the self-confidence of the children. 



Teamwork is important! 

Teamwork? sounds easy, right? Yes, it is only if you will contribute and become a part of it. Different projects like app development or maybe Python chatbot projects are awesome places to experience this. Because each participant in the team will play a significant role. All of them will work together as a team to get the desired output or outcome. 

When they work as a group, each one of them will work harder to cooperate with others so they are more likely to take responsibility, cooperate, and put their efforts and hard work into their project and when it does, the satisfaction couldn’t be bigger! 

It doesn’t matter which project they have worked on or what was their role within the team, what matters is how they’ll feel when the entire team achieves the requested goal. All these activities will surely build their self-esteem! 

Creativity & Innovation: Let their imagination fly! 


When developing their app, when designing a Python chatbot, or when learning simply how to code, children will learn something new every time and will find creativity! 

While trying new projects or even answering assignments with icodejr, children will find fun rather than feeling the burden of it. All the things that learn here surely will encourage them to discover new opportunities and will enhance their ability to think out of the box with creativity and innovation! 

Are you still thinking? Start today for better preparation by registering icodejr. Once you take classes, you will understand how your child will reach his goal within a few months. So hurry up and attend icodejr classes and help your child to stand out among thousands of other children. Book a free class now. Let the amazing journey begin!