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We are STEM.ORG accredited!

Our entire curriculum & all student certificates are certified by STEM.ORG

Our all-in-one personalized learning tracks

Our personalized learning tracks are tailored to each child, and provide end-to-end exposure to coding.

Your child will learn to create games, apps, websites, and much more!

Jr Cadet
Duration: 24 sessions

Take your first step into the world of coding, quickly learn the basics, and start creating games, websites, and more.


  • Grades 1-12
  • 60 + activities
  • Jr Cadet certificate

Jr Captain
Duration: 48 sessions

The perfect course to advance your coding skills and build a deeper understanding of complex coding concepts.

  • Grades 1-12
  • 100 + activities
  • Jr Captain certificate

Jr Colonel
Duration: 96 sessions

The best course for child prodigies who want to excel at coding and building amazing websites, games and apps.

  • Grades 1-12
  • 184 + activities
  • Jr Colonel certificate

Jr General
Duration: 144 sessions

The ideal course for those kids who want to master the art of coding and create a better future through code.

  • Grades 1-12
  • 450 + activities
  • Jr General certificate

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Our Specialized Coding Courses


Key Skills You'll Build:

Learn the core principles of coding and start building apps, games, and websites using the interactive Scratch coding platform.


Key Skills You'll Build:

Live 1:1 online Python programming course for kids and teens with expert computer science teacher.

Game Development
Adv GD

Key Skills You'll Build:

Learn all the tools, languages, and best practices of creating thrilling games and master the art of game development.

Web Development

Key Skills You'll Build:

An intensive course to teach kids the principles of web design and to help them start creating stunning, feature-rich websites.

App Development

Key Skills You'll Build:

A focused course to teach kids to build amazing, interactive applications and publish them on Google Play and App Store.

Data Sciences

Key Skills You'll Build:

Learn the core principles of data science and start using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neural networks.


Key Skills You'll Build:

Learn to create and publish games on Roblox Studio. Codingal offers online 1:1 coding classes for Roblox with expert Computer Science teachers.

Web 3.0

Key Skills You'll Build:

One of the first web3 courses for children in the middle east, where kids can learn to work with blockchain, create NFTs and make their own tokens.