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Holistic Personalised Learning For Each Child

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a standard guideline for K-12 content development, which includes 6 stages of learning – remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate & create.

RISE (Relevant, Impactful, Simplified, Engaging) model is developed by iCodejr in-house to ensure our curriculum caters to the unique learning abilities  of each child.

Our curriculum is also designed around STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths) learning methodology that helps to connect their daily learnings with technology.

We focus on enriching 8 core competencies in kids throughout their coding journey

Merits of Our Rewarding Course

Enhanced Skills

Complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence & cognitive flexibility

Praiseworthy Tangible Outcomes
Kids will develop real life mobile apps, scientific simulation and fun hardware.
Academic Excellence Quotient
Using our unique and only scientific exploration program, kids will develop a deeper understanding of many maths & science concepts.
Specific Teaching Expertise
Only platform to provide specific teaching expertise for different courses.