Coding is the way by which you can use a programming language to get a computer to work on tasks how you want it to. In more technical words, Coding is a skill where you take instructions or statements (which are in a high-level language) and translate them into a language the computer understands (low-level language).

Coding is the core of technology and looking at the current development, the number of people learning the highly demanded skills is growing potentially. Learning and acquiring new skills will be beneficial not only for the kids or youth but also for the middle-aged or even older. So, by considering the current environment of development and increasing competition, we should encourage to kids for coding from the early stages. Even older people can also do it, but kids will have a comparatively longer period of time to master it.

Nowadays, many parents know the significance of technical skills and the benefits of coding. While coding a kid can develop some extra creativity and the idea of learning/developing computational skills. Along with these, coding also helps to a bright future as coding just to get better career opportunities.

Key points why kids should focus on coding

It activates the thinking ability

Computer programming helps to bring the creative and innovative elements out of each kid. Children tend to think differently as programming requires the use of logical thinking

It creates problem-solving skills

Not only for study purposes but problem-solving is equally significant in daily life. Learning to code at a young age provides the opportunity for the children to learn this skill at a developing stage that will go a long way with them throughout their life.

Develops resilience.

Failure is the first step to success. So, failing and then succeeding is the best way to learn. Children might fail to do a specific task but the fire inside them to succeed will not decrease. This develops optimistic nature no matter what and that in the end you try, try and finally succeed.

Programming is the future

Passion and demand for programming by no means is going down rather it will only reach greater heights. Encouraging children in something that has a bright future from the beginning will indeed help them to get experts in it during their growing period.