Middle East’s No. 1 online coding class for kids, iCodejr offers the first and only coding curriculum based on RISE, STEAM and Bloom’s Taxonomy designed to teach coding scientifically.


The best time to start coding is between the ages of 6-14. Neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to develop new neuron connections in response to stimuli or experience, is greatest at this age, especially for visual stimuli.

Oh yes! The skills are supplementary as well as complimentary to the school curriculum which also makes them perform better in their regular curriculum.

NO! Coding is easy! Children as young as 5 years old have been known to develop software.

It all depends on the quality of tutoring, projects, and examples that the child has access to.

It is NOT a requirement.

Our coding classes focus on creativity, logical thinking & analytical thinking.

Our 1:1 program offers complete flexibility. You may schedule classes per your availability – 100% freedom.

For the group classes, your child may attend another batch that’s picking up from where you’ve left off.